Springhill Cemetery Covid – 19  -  Guidelines\Restrictions

            Hours of Operation

            Monday to Sunday - 8:00 AM to Sunset.

            While visiting the cemetery, we ask that you adhere to the provincial gathering restrictions:


          - Outdoor funeral services, visitations and receptions, including graveside services, are limited to a maximum of 50 attendees (as outlined in BAO 's Registrar's Directive).
          - At Springhill Cemetery, Funeral Directors must have sufficient numbers of staff present to ensure physical distancing is maintained (as per BAO's Registrar's Directive).
          - At Springhill Cemetery operators may choose to restrict graveside to family only, with physical distancing in place. This will continue to be supported by the BAO.
          - At Springhill Cemetery operators may continue to further restrict attendance, in addition to restrictions already in place by government and the BAO, including those in this                          Attendance Guidance.
          - Funeral Directors should communicate these restrictions to the families in advance of the service.


Springhill Cemetery